Unidirectional bearing resistant to magnetic fields

OneWay Mx

In order to participate in the search for solutions to reduce the harmful effects of magnetic disturbances on the proper functioning of a mechanical watch movement, MPS has designed an anti-magnetic bearing, OneWay Mx. Indeed, strong magnetic fields as well as their remanence can have the consequence of disturbing the action of the segments of a classic OneWay bearing, thus altering the locking and unlocking functions.

In order to maintain the recognized advantages of the OneWay bearing in all circumstances, MPS has developed and patented the anti-magnetic bearing OneWay Mx. How do we do this? By integrating new, high-performance non-magnetic materials that greatly reduce the sensitivity of the OneWay bearing to magnetic fields.



  • Miniaturised free wheel system
  • Anti-magnetic / amagnetic
  • Occupies very little space
  • Minimum dead angle
  • Withstands high loads
  • Limited play
  • Lubrication-free system

Anti-magnetic miniature bearing

Unidirectional, anti-magnetic bearing OneWay Mx
Unidirectional, anti-magnetic bearing OneWay Mx
Unidirectional bearing OneWay Mx
Unidirectional bearing OneWay Mx

Everything to develop your miniaturised unidirectional bearing

Do you want to develop your solution adapted to the special features of your construction based on the OneWay bearing? To follow our design process, you can go to the next step and view the references for our miniaturised unidirectional bearings. 

A team listening to your concerns

Our customers’ quest to improve the performance of traditional reversers used in watchmaking has driven our engineers to innovate and develop the OneWay unidirectional bearing.

Its use is now widespread and its reliability has been proven over more than ten years.

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