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An innovative way of mounting the oscillating weight on the bearing


The Oscrew product is a new system for attaching oscillating weights to bearings. It is intended for rotors with a clean design, allows the oscillating weight to be removable and doesn't require additional components. The Oscrew oscillating weight has a threaded center diameter that allows it to be screwed directly onto the outer ring of the bearing.

The Oscrew system offers a clean aesthetic similar to that of the crimped rotors. It is removable and requires no additional components. The best of all current solutions is thus concentrated in the innovative Oscrew system for which a patent has been filed by MPS.

Laboratory tests have proven the reliability of this solution. Rotors were subjected to vibrations, repeated shocks and shocks of 5'000 g. The use of the Oscrew system is thus possible for all types of products, including sports watches exposed to the most difficult conditions.


  • Pure aesthetics compatible with Haute Horlogerie
  • Removable, allowing the replacement of one of the two rotor components if necessary
  • Optimized supply chain with no additional components
  • Compatible with the MPS Flyfix nut, allowing one bearing reference to be assembled with both types of oscillating masses


  • Product data sheet – Oscrew

Oscrew – Threaded oscillating weight
Oscrew – Threaded oscillating weight
Oscrew – Threaded oscillating weight
Oscrew – Threaded oscillating weight

An innovative mounting system

In recent movements, the rotation of the oscillating weight is generally ensured by a ball bearing, the whole forming the rotor of the automatic watch. There are several methods of fixing the bearing on the oscillating weight:

  • Crimping offers a nice, high-end look but is not removable if one of the two rotor components is replaced.
  • The locking blades offer interchangeability but unfortunately have a look that is not compatible with the most high-end timepieces.
  • The MPS Flyfix system, with its additional nut, is an aesthetic, removable and reliable solution, provided that the necessary volume is available for its integration.

In terms of aesthetics, Oscrew is similar to the crimped rotors. However, its innovative mounting system is far superior to crimping. Coupled with a clean appearance and the advantage of being removable, Oscrew therefore combines all the advantages of other solutions in a single system.

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