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Oscillating weights made of precious metals and wolfram

Oscillating weights

In order to optimize the supply chain of our customer factories, we have now integrated the production of tungsten and precious metal oscillating weights.

MPS is thus able to supply a complete assembled rotor integrating a reliable high performance bearing and an oscillating weight of its own manufacture.

Thanks to our daughter company Charly Veya SA, specialized since 1960 in stamping, we have the production capacity to make stamped parts. A very large variety of materials and aesthetics are thus possible.


  • One interlocutor to simplify the supply chain and quality control
  • Perfectly controlled rotor play and beat
  • Numerous technical and aesthetic possibilities
  • An integrated production: stamping, manufacturing and finishing
  • An automated, independent, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production


  • Product data sheet - Oscillating weight
  • Product data sheet - Precious metal oscillating weight

Oscillating weight
Oscillating weight
Oscillating weight
Oscillating weight
Oscillating weight
Oscillating weight
Oscillating weight
Oscillating weight

Weight assembly

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