Theta/Phi fiber positioner for astronomical observation

Modular Theta/Phi fiber positioner

Based on proven experience with the realisation of past successful projects MPS has designed and characterised a scalable Theta/Phi fiber positioner for Multi-Object Spectrographs. The positioner has been designed with the purpose of adapting readily to the requirements of any Multi-Object Spectrograph, which requires precise positioning of optical fibers. Whether MOONS, FPS, MEGARA, or DESI, each project has so far developed its own fiber positioner from scratch, with all of the risks and long lead times linked to such a complete new development. The positioner presented here intends to significantly reduce the development time, costs, and eliminate unforeseen risks. The design is easily scalable in size, length, and shape. The positioner size starts at a diameter of 9.5mm and is scalable to fit any customer specific requirements. It is capable of reaching any target within 5 µm with just two correction moves.



    Diameter : 9,5 mm
    Diameter covered by the fiber : 44,8 mm
    Total length : 265 mm
    Motor drive - Theta arm : 1 Faulhaber Stepper DM0620 motor with 1024:1 reduction gearhead
    Motor drive - Phi arm :1 Faulhaber Stepper AM0820 motor with 1024:1 reduction gearhead
    X-Y positionning accuracy :< 5 µm
    Repeatability :< 2.5 µm
    Inclination of the fiber relative to the X-Y plane :< 0.2° RMS
    Theta arm rotation :370°
    Phi arm rotation :185°


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