Weight assembly - Expertise, Precision, Responsiveness, Flexibility

Weight assembly

Assembly of the oscillating weight by press-fitting and/or riveting can appear simple at first sight. And yet, if this operation is not very well controlled, it can result in high scrap levels. This is why more and more brands have decided to entrust this operation to MPS Watch.

In this operation, and even if the part with the most added-value is the oscillating weight, engineers building movements do well to remember that the essential function is performed by the ball bearing.


  • For a reliable assembly process without generating any scrap due to the operating procedure

Expertise, Precision, Responsiveness, Flexibility

A team listening to your concerns

We’ve noticed that assembling the weight on the bearing can cause significant scrap levels at some of our customers. Our engineers’ response, as specialists in micro-assembly, was to develop models and processes to predict the influence that press-fitting and riveting will have on operating play in the bearing while also considering the different materials used. Thus, MPS Watch is able to guarantee a reliable and repeatable assembly process without generating any scrap due to the operating procedure. Finally, optimised logistic management provides responsiveness and flexibility.

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