Surgical instrument kit for knee extraction

Extraction kit

The innovative design of our extraction clamp provides a universal means to safely extract most tibial and femoral prostheses. This system offers a full and flexible solution for revision knee surgery.


  • Extraction clamp with innovative design
  • Oscillating weight or Slap hammer
  • Hook adapter for slap hammer
  • Offset Punch
  • Osteotome handle
  • Allen wrench
  • Osteotomes


  • Product data sheet – Extraction kit
  • Instructions for use – Extraction kit
  • Product brochure

Extraction clamp

Our innovative design of the extraction clamp (Extractor Clamp) offers a universal tool to safely extract most tibial and femoral prostheses. The adjustable design of the fitting enables secure adjustment to suit most implant sizes and geometries. Its low profile fitting reduces bone loss, and its compatibility with tibial and femoral prostheses reduces the number of tools needed.


In orthopaedics, osteotomes are chisel blades or chisel handles used to remove prostheses reliably. We offer a wide variety of osteotomes with different shapes and widths. We offer straight, curved or radial designs of osteotomes, in multiple sizes, to free each area housing components. Contact us now for more details.

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