Ergonomic, simple, durable, intuitive reamer handle, 40% lighter than competitors, at competitive prices

Offset reamer handle

The offset reamer handle has been designed to facilitate MIS procedures; the handle incorporates design features that enable correct orientation, simple and stable connection of the reamer, quick assembly and disassembly, and optimum cleaning.

A 30° offset of the reamer connection relative to the main handle allows the reamer to be correctly positioned in the acetabulum, while the femur still occupies the space. The side handle adjusts for different angular orientations, providing the option for multiple customized surgical approaches. 



    Materials:Carbon fiber, PEEK, stainless steel, silicone
    Reamer coupling:Available with any reamer connection
    Coupling for electric tools:AO, Stryker-Zimmer-Hall, Hudson
    Regulatory compliance:EU and FDA
    Spare parts:Available on request
  • Easy to clean, lightweight, double coupling to connect several reamers


  • Product data sheet – Reamer handle
  • Instructions for use – Reamer handle
  • Product brochure

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