Acetabular cup impactor for a less invasive surgical approach


The offset impactor, or cup holder, allows the controlled positioning and impaction of acetabular cups through a small incision, enabling a less invasive surgical approach.

The unique locking mechanism enables accurate cup placement during impaction. The cup rotation is fixed once locked in place.


  • Coupling available with any kind of cup connection, adaptable to the customer’s cup
  • Impaction load applied in line with the acetabular cup, so no traction applied to the chain of the U joint
  • Remote orientation of the cup before tightening for correct positioning of the screw, locking mechanism for accurate cup placement during impaction to avoid the cup rotating once it is locked in place
  • Design for manufacture
  • Personalized to your needs to adapt to the thread profile, diameter or beveling of the cup


  • Product data sheet – Impactor
  • Instructions for use – Impactor
  • Product brochure

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