Complete range of standard and custom miniature ball screws featuring high precision and extremely low friction

Ball screws

MPS Microsystems offers a complete range of high precision ball screws for positioning less than 5 µm. Mostly custom-made, these screws ensure smooth and uniform movement resulting from the high precision of their thread, achieved by grinding. MPS Microsystems miniature screws are made exclusively of stainless steel and are fitted with double nuts to allow fine adjustment of the axial play.

You have a wide choice of options for your ball screws. 


  • Lubricants: grease, oil, dry lubrication, without lubrication
  • Customised screw ends
  • Shape and external dimensions of the nut (fixing collar, etc.)
  • Ogival thread for a higher static and dynamic load capacity
  • Multiple nuts on the same screw
  • Left-hand thread
  • Thread length
  • Specific axial play (down to zero backlash)
  • Special surface treatments


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  • MPS products for optics & photonics
  • Solutions for the medical industry
  • White paper - Innovation for active implants

Ball screws
Ball screws

A smooth ride

MPS ball screws have an extremely smooth ride. These aren’t just empty words, but real feedback from our customers. In fact, one of our customers was able to eliminate the calibration process from his system thanks to the very low and constant friction of our screws. The smoothness of the ride is made possible by our double nut design, by the precision of the components we manufacture as well as by the fine adjustments we make to the ball recirculation. This customer stated that “this is the world’s best ball screw” when he realized how much time, effort and money he saves in his processes by using one of our flagship products. 

Special ball screws

Most applications require specific mechanical interfaces, or special characteristics. Throughout a long-time experience with countless cases in various application fields MPS has acquired an exceptional level of expertise in the design and manufacture of customised ball screws, thus always gathering two essential features: precision and compactness.

Order our ball screws

MPS Microsystems has developed an online shop where, in just a few clicks, you can order all the standard references of our linear systems: ball screws, linear bearings and ball bushings. Available items are dispatched to you within 3 days. Don’t forget to stop by!

Need information? Contact us!

Contact us now if you need our help to design and develop your ball screws. You can also use our online configurator, which enables you to customise your product and download a 3D model. 

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