MPS launches its first foreign subsidiary

Despite the crisis in the last two years, MPS continues to grow and expand internationally. After several months of preparation, MPS opened its first foreign branch office in early May. MPS USA Inc. is located in Boston, in the north-eastern United States.

MPS has already been present in North America since 2017 through an external representative based in California. In addition, Grégoire Bagnoud, sales and marketing manager at MPS Microsystems, regularly travelled to the United States to develop business throughout the territory. With the new branch office, this presence will be considerably strengthened. The operations of MPS USA will be managed from Boston, New England. The region is home to enormous potential in the cutting-edge fields of medicine, optics and photonics, and science, thanks to two of the world's leading educational institutions, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. The subsidiary will nevertheless serve the entire U.S. market. 

Initially, the launch of MPS USA was planned for the summer of 2020, almost two years ago. However, the pandemic has postponed the project. With the partial reopening of the US borders in the fall of 2021, the preparation work could be resumed. 

Launching a branch on another continent is no small task. Grégoire Bagnoud, who is also the CEO of MPS USA, made several trips back and forth between Biel and Boston to find suitable premises and candidates. The new employees underwent specialized training in Biel at the beginning of the year before heading back to Massachusetts with a team from headquarters to set up the new offices.

The great advantage of having a team on site is of course to be close to the customers and to meet them personally. In addition, MPS USA will have the task of generating new opportunities in the thriving Northeast market. We can therefore expect the company's growth to continue.

The Boston location is the fourth MPS location. In addition to its headquarters in Biel, MPS has two production sites in Bonfol and Court. The Ajoie site produces parts for the watchmaking industry, while the Court site is dedicated to bar turning.

The offices of MPS USA
The offices of MPS USA

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