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Grippers for pick & place heads used to position accurately very small electronic components

Pick & place

For nearly 20 years, MPS Microsystems has been manufacturing grippers for pick & place heads used in PCB assembly machines (SMT equipment). These grippers are subject to increasingly stringent manufacturing requirements due to the constant miniaturization of electronic components.

To meet the customer's requirements of smooth motion, precision and stiffness, the components are ground, polished and then assembled by pairing within a precision range of 0.4 µm using balls sorted by group of 0.2 µm. Stiffness is also ensured by the preload of the bearings. MPS Microsystems pick & place grippers are characterised by their long service life and low friction thanks to the use of zirconium beads.


  • Combination of MPS capabilities in linear and rotary bearings
  • Strict requirements for precision, straightness and surface finish of components
  • Components ground, polished and paired within a 0.4 µm precision range using balls sorted in groups of 0.2 µm
  • Preloaded linear/rotary bearing (high stiffness)
  • Extremely low friction
  • Long service life
  • Little or no lubrication through the use of zirconium balls


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  • Solutions for the medical industry
  • White paper - Innovation for active implants

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