About Us

MPS is the framework of a group of companies which develop and produce customised micro mechanicals solutions in challenging fields of applications such as watch industry, medical and orthopaedic instrumentation and defence. We base our success on 80 years of experience in miniature bearing and ball screw technologies, high tech machining and assembly capabilities and long term partnership with our customers and suppliers.


MPS is formed by a group of three companies and together employs 400 dedicated and highly skilled employees.


Framework of MPS:

  • MPS Micro Precisions Systems AG with for units on three sites:


    • MPS Microsystems located in Biel, Switzerland
    • MPS Watch with Business Development in Biel and Production in Bonfol, Switzerland
    • MPS Décolletage located in Court
    • MPS Precimed SA located in Corgémont


MPS Precimed SA is 100% owned by MPS Micro Precision Systems AG.


MPS Micro Precision Systems is owned by the FAULHABER GROUP.