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The evolution of X-Myrox. A non-magnetic, lubricant-free bearing with unprecedented mechanical resistance.


The Super-Myrox bearing is an ultra-high-performance watchmaking ball bearing, surpassing the renowned qualities of the X-Myrox thanks to its improved shock resistance, contained noise and non-magnetism. This is made possible by an exclusive combination of ceramic balls and cobalt-containing superalloy rings.

Super-Myrox bearings are available in a wide range of sizes. However, its high mechanical resistance predestines it mainly for oscillating weight applications. It is compatible with FlyFix and Oscrew mounting systems, and can be riveted.

Super-Myrox is also compatible with ActiVib shock absorber technology, providing the ultimate performance combination for the most demanding applications.

Main characteristics

  • Lubricant-free
  • Non-magnetic
  • High shock and corrosion resistance


  • Product data sheet – Super-Myrox


The evolution of X-Myrox

In 2004, MPS Watch introduced its first ceramic ball bearings. With the lubrication-free X-Myrox bearing, we were a pioneer in this field.

Over the years, we have regularly upgraded our product to surpass market standards. For example, the ceramic used in the balls was the subject of a new family of patents in 2023.

With the Super-Myrox, MPS Watch demonstrates its determination to maintain the superiority of its offering in a dynamic of perpetual technological advancement. This bearing retains the characteristics that have made the X-Myrox such a success (non-lubrication, reliability and performance), while offering improved non-magnetism, shock resistance and noise characteristics.

A team listening to your concerns

We’ve noticed that assembling the weight on the bearing can cause significant scrap levels at some of our customers. Our engineers’ response, as specialists in micro-assembly, was to develop models and processes to predict the influence that press-fitting and riveting will have on operating play in the bearing while also considering the different materials used. Thus, MPS Watch is able to guarantee a reliable and repeatable assembly process without generating any scrap due to the operating procedure. Finally, optimised logistic management provides responsiveness and flexibility.

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