Flying tourbillon and carousel assembly kit


Flyfix technology is an innovative solution to eliminate any mechanical constraint impairing function and to avoid any damage when assembling and dismantling the tourbillon cage.


  • Tourbillon cage assembled and dismantled safely
  • Reduced operating play


  • Product data sheet – Flyfix

Everything to develop your flying tourbillon and carousel mounting kit

Do you want to develop your solution adapted to the special features of your construction based on Flyfix? To follow our design process, you can go to the next step and view the available references.

A team listening to your concerns

The choice of flying tourbillon mechanism mounted on ball bearings is driven by aesthetic reasons. It is also technically hazardous due to the precision required to assemble each component of the cage.

Our engineers have designed a mounting system using a nut that fastens and centres the bearing without mechanical strain imposed during press-fitting.

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