Product range comprising straight screwdrivers and universal joint screwdrivers


The screwdrivers and handles are reusable surgical instruments designed specifically to transfer a rotary hand movement in order to fasten a screw or to be used with another instrument during orthopaedic or traumatology surgery. The screwdrivers and handles are intended to be used by qualified surgeons and healthcare professionals in the operating theatre. No specific training is given because the surgeons are trained to use instruments during their surgical education.


  • Geometric tip available as hexagon, with or without O-ring
  • With handle or with coupling: Zimmer Hall, petit AO, square


  • Product brochure


Our different screwdriver models

Our range of screwdrivers is divided into 2 categories: straight screwdrivers and universal-joint screwdrivers that give access to an enclosed area.

All are Hex screwdrivers. We offer many different tips – hexagonal, Torx, etc. – in many sizes, making it possible to use them with a wide range of screws. The handle is also available in different forms. So we offer a variety of size options, with or without screw clip.

We can help you develop your custom screwdriver as all the parts are modular: handle, stem and tip. Request a quote now.

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