Hand-held instruments – MedTorque handles

MedTorque handles

The range of MedTorque handles is preset to a nominal value specified when placing an order. The nominal torque values can vary from 5 in-lb [1.1 Nm] to 125 in-lb [14 Nm] with standard precision of ±10%. They are designed to limit the torque load applied clockwise and make an audible click when the torque setting is reached.

MPS Precimed are the authorized distributor for MedTorque products throughout Europe, for more product information, please visit the MedTorque website https://medtorque.com.



    Nominal torque values:5 in-lb [1.1 Nm] to 125 in-lb [14 Nm]
    Standard precision:±10%



  • Instructions for use – Guides, Screwdrivers and Handles
  • Product brochure
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Torque driver declaration of conformity

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