Flexible intramedullary reamer enabling drilling inside a bone following its natural curvature

Flexible intramedullary reamer

Manufactured from a flexible nitinol tube, the reamer allows appropriate anatomical alteration following the natural curvature of the long bone.

This use is impossible with a rigid straight reamer. The nitinol tube is smooth, making it easy to clean, minimizing the infection risk in patients. The development of these flexible intramedullary reamers offers a solution to innovative design and reliable performance. Our product is available as a modular or solid system - monobloc - for femoral applications.


  • Innovative design
  • Modular design for use with different sizes of reamer heads
  • Reverse cut reamer heads
  • Reliable performance
  • Different flexible shaft lengths available on request
  • Secure dovetail fitting
  • Easy cleaning
  • Available either as a modular or a solid system - monobloc -


  • Product data sheet – Modular intramedullary reamers
  • Product data sheet – Solid intramedullary reamers
  • Instructions for use – Intramedullary Reamers
  • Product brochure

An innovative design

Super-elastic material used, permitting a high degree of distortion. The modular design enables different sizes of reamer heads to be used. The cutting reamer heads are reversed to reduce the risks of jamming and contribute to removing bone debris when withdrawing the reamer. The tube has a small diameter to reduce the pressure exerted on the intramedullary canal, and so reduce the possibility of DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis. For greater safety, the geometry of the dovetail joint creates a secure connection and eliminates the risk of separation during the procedure.

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