Optomechanical system for linear displacement of lenses over long strokes

Optomechanical system

This miniaturized system allows, depending on the desired configuration, to move very precisely between 1 and 3 sets of lenses over a stroke of several centimeters. The design of this optomechanics miniaturised system has been optimized to ensure perfect alignment of the lenses and to minimize their tilt throughout the movement. This optomechanical system mainly consists of high-precision standard MPS and FAULHABER modules, such as brushless or stepper motors, ground ball screws with double nuts and linear ball bearings. It is particularly recommended for focusing a laser over a long distance, for example for the guidance of unmanned flying objects or for communication between flying objects. Such a system is also ideal for moving the optics in stereoscopic surgical glasses. The number of lens sets, lens size and stroke can be configured at will.



    Number of lens groups: 1-2 fixed; 1-3 mobile
    Typical range: 5-20 mm per lens set
    Movement speed: 10 mm/s
    Motor drive: BLDC or stepper motors, based on requirements



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