Tubular optical system with perfect co-axiality for applications requiring constant alignment (+/-1 µm) over the entire stroke, low angular variations, and very long lifetime without need of maintenance

Coaxial lens actuator

This very compact optical system with an original design allows two groups of lenses to be moved perfectly coaxially over several millimeters. It is particularly recommended for applications requiring a constant alignment precision when moving the lenses. The perfect coaxiality of the lens holders is guaranteed by a common bore machined in a single operation. Numerous dimensional modifications allow a perfect adaptation to the optical design related to its application. Due to the use of perfectly adjusted ball cages, its low-friction translation mechanism is best suited for intense use and offers an unequalled lifetime without any particular maintenance.

Main features


    Stroke (per lens):7.5 mm
    Unidirectional axial repeatability: ±5 µm
    Lateral repeatability (per lens): ±1 µm
    Angular repeatability (per lens): ±0.1 mrad
    Dimensions:78 x 42 x 42 mm



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A modular system

A customizable system

It is possible to vary the size and specifications of this system by adapting the choice of components to the application:

  • Selection of motor according to frequency, speed and acceleration requirements
  • Ball screw or cam design and choice of ball bearings according to the required stroke
  • Type of encoder and controller according to the required resolution
  • Dimensions of the guiding system depending on the optical system, size and number of movable lens groups
  • Numerous dimensional adaptations for a perfect match with the optical design. Addition of adapters for precise positioning of fixed lenses. Bellows, if the application requires high cleanliness

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