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Sealed linear lens actuator with decentered holders for applications in clean environments.

Sealed linear lens actuator

This optical platform is the solution for precisely driving and positioning optics over long strokes in clean environments, like for the realization of focus or zoom functions in high power laser applications. 

Thanks to the presence of high quality bellows, the ball screw and guiding rods are fully encapsulated. This configuration ensures a clean optical path and thus guarantees extended and maintenance-free lifetime.

Main features


    Stroke (per lens):40 mm
    Unidirectional axial repeatability: ± 4 µm
    Lateral repeatability (per lens): ± 4.5 µm
    Angular repeatability (per lens): ± 0.1 mrad
    Dimensions:72 (base plate: 102) x 50 x 257 (base plate: 271) mm



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  • Sealed linear lens actuator

A modular system

The size and specifications of this system can be customized by adjusting the choice of components to the application:

  • Selection of motor according to frequency, speed and acceleration requirements
  • Type of encoder and controller according to the required resolution
  • Module stacking option (up to 3 modules) for the realization of complex optical systems
  • Lens holder shapes and sizes adpated to specific optical requirements
  • Realization of bellow in different materials depending on the application
  • Bespoke platform interface

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