MPS opens a large solar power plant at Bienne

MPS opens a large solar power plant at Bienne

In collaboration with the Fondation PlanetSolar and Soleol SA, MPS Micro Precision Systems AG opens a 99 kW solar power plant on the roof of its building at Bienne. This photovoltaic system comprising 324 panels with a surface area of 530 m2 highlights our commitment and support for the development and use of clean energy to contribute to protecting the climate. A big THANK YOU to Raphaël Domjan and all his teams for completing this fantastic project.

The inaugural evening brought together partners from the Fondation PlanetSolar and many of the MPS employees at Bienne. The discussions fostered everyone's enthusiasm for the Fondation and the Solar Stratos project, the aircraft being built with the aim of demonstrating the possibility of reaching the stratosphere with solar energy as the only power source.

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