New building for MPS Bienne

New building for MPS Bienne

MPS acquired a new building at Chemin du Long-Champ 93 in Biel, close to its headquarters. A lot has happened since then. The additional surface area of approximately 3,000m2 has been put to good use to accommodate the mechanical, ball manufacturing and design departments of the MPS Watch division.

The space freed up in the building at Chemin du Long-Champ 95 has enabled a good number of spaces to be reallocated both in production and in the offices. An overview in pictures during the move.


On the first floor, new spaces were made available for the polishing and welding operations of MPS Precimed. The new Flex Cell of MPS Microsystems has been placed in the center of the production departments following the relocation of the managers' office, the quality control room and the tooling. On the first floor, an open space now houses logistics, process engineering and validation. On the 2nd floor, the production area of MPS Precimed has been increased by reorganizing the operational quality department. The quality department has taken over the former design office of MPS Watch on the 3rd floor and now includes the Quality Management staff of MPS Microsystems and MPS Precimed.

MPS Watch benefits from a new space to welcome our customers comfortably and an additional room for the installation of a new R&I (Research & Innovation) laboratory.

This additional space will allow us to continue to grow in a sustainable and serene manner by providing quality production areas. 



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Aerial view of the two buildings, on the right the new
Machine installation for the mechanical department
Machine installation for the mechanical department
The new Flex Cell
Team manufacturing balls
Mechanical team
Team MPS WATCH in their new office
Relocation of the mechanical department

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