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Implantable actuators for use in urology and orthopaedics

Implantable actuators

In collaboration with urology and orthopaedic specialists, MPS Microsystems develops implantable actuators, an implant system or implant drive. The screw-nut assembly of these actuators, placed in a moist environment, is made from components and materials already approved for use in active implants, to reduce regulatory red tape. The drive system is placed in a dry environment and comprises a motor and reducer gear, the energy source and the electronic control; it is enclosed in a sealed biocompatible titanium shell. The motor torque is transmitted to the screw-nut assembly by a carefully sized coupling.

Patent number: US2017172624A1 / EP3113703 / ZL201580011972


  • Patented AIMD (active implantable medical devices)
  • Axial force: 10 N < 1200 N
    Materials: Titanium or biocompatible steel, as required
    Energy: Implanted battery or using radiofrequency, as required
    Motor drive: Brush motors, 6-10 mm in diameter
    Biocompatible: Length of implantation > 2 years



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An intelligent power transfer system

Depending on the dimensions and performance requested, the energy will either be stored within the implant using a battery or transmitted to the implant using radiofrequency from an external source. For this purpose, MPS Microsystems has developed an intelligent bidirectional data transmission and power transfer system between a wireless control unit and the implant. The motorised part of the implant is encapsulated and the mobile systems are totally biocompatible. Mechanical and electrical, they have been designed to minimize friction and other energy losses, thus ensuring very low energy consumption.

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