🚀 Werde zum Helden! Komm zu uns und treibe Projekte voran, die eine echte Auswirkung auf die Welt haben. Entdecke deine Mission
🚀 Deviens un héros ! Rejoins-nous et contribue à l'avancée de projets ayant un réel impact. Découvre ta mission
🚀 Be a hero! Join us and contribute to the advancement of projects that have a real impact in the world. Discover your mission
At MPS, you can be a hero


Here's why you're a hero at MPS

We are constantly looking to push the boundaries of what's possible. By joining us, you can contribute to the advancement of projects that have a real impact in the world. Your ideas and creativity, combined with our know-how, will help you take our innovations to the next level. The team that you and your motivated, competent and ambitious colleagues will form is the key to our success.

You take part in the discovery of the universe

Did you know that there are MPS parts in space? As part of the Solar Orbiter mission, MPS has produced components that are crucial to the proper functioning of the satellite that will graze the sun. In addition, several telescopes are using our fiber positioners to create precise imagery of space, stars and galaxies. Together, we will explore big bang, black holes and dark matter.

You amplify customer innovation

Our know-how and quality are widely recognized in the watchmaking world. But it is above all our potential to push back the limits of what's possible and our capacity to innovate that sets us apart. The most prestigious brands rely on our skills to imagine new mechanisms, each one more unthinkable than the next. Every day, we strive to make our clients' projects a reality in order to create exceptional watches.

You contribute to improving and saving lives

MPS specializes in the development, production and validation of active implants. Our peristaltic pump has already improved the quality of more than half a million lives, while our artificial heart pump will save thousands. In addition, our instruments for orthopedic surgery are used in operating rooms around the world.

“ Our machinery allows us to produce parts with a diameter ranging from 0.2 to 51 mm. ”
Bar turner
Christophe has been a bar turner at MPS Décolletage for almost two years.
“ We develop innovations that the customer does not need at first sight. But in a second phase, they bring him a lot of added value. ”
Innovation engineer
Marie started working at MPS Watch as part of her Bachelor's thesis. After completing her Master's degree, she returned as an innovation engineer.
“ We give people a second life. ”
Polymechanic fitter
Enes started at MPS Precimed as a polymechanic fitter. He has now moved to the office and works as a technician.
“ MPS does everything possible to make the work interesting, while remaining like a family business. ”
GV Flex bar turning manager
Jessica joined MPS Watch as a bar turner in 2020. Since a few months, she is responsible for the GV Flex bar turning in Bonfol.
“ I love the work atmosphere at MPS. The teams are young and there are opportunities to grow. ”
Project Manager
Stefane started at MPS Microsystems in 2019 as an R&D engineer. After a year in this position, he became a project manager.
“ What I find interesting is to start from a block of raw material, and to make a part out of it. ”
Céline started at MPS 6 years ago on the 102 lathes. She was working in the mechanical and tooling area for the company. She then moved on to CNC.
“ What fascinates me about my work is the research. We are constantly evolving. ”
Blank manufacturing manager
Fabio started at MPS Microsystems as an operator bar turner in 2010. He successively became a bar turning production mechanic and then a bar turning-milling-electroerosion manager before becoming a blank manufacturing manager.
Some of our heroes
Héros de MPS

How to become a hero

We have a diverse list of open positions, so there's surely something for you. Take a chance, showcase your skills and show us the value you can add to the team. 

Some of our heroes have risen through the ranks to get to where they are today. The experience and skills they've gained over the years have allowed them to excel and prove us that their potential is beyond our expectations. With perseverance, anything is possible. 

Believe in yourself and do your best. Be ambitious and let the hero in you emerge day after day.

The cradle of innovation

Many of our most advanced products were conceived in Biel, at the MPS headquarters. Here you will see our team of talented engineers working on physics-defying projects every day. If you are creative, this is where you can develop innovative solutions for our partners around the world. The Biel site also houses production, assembly, quality assurance and almost all MPS offices.

Always in movement

In 1967, MPS opened a factory in Bonfol to produce ball bearings. Today, we manufacture very high precision watch components for prestigious watch brands there. In addition to bar turning, our teams are specialized in machining, assembly and metrology. We also develop our own tools and means of production to carry out the demanding processes that our parts require. If you like technical jobs, this is where you will feel at home! 

Flexible work hours
Extensive opportunites for career development
Numerous sporting activities
Attractive pension benefits
Language courses during lunch break

Turning heads

The valley of Tavannes contains precious resources for bar turning. This is why our MPS Décolletage division is located in Court. From the old cam-type machines to the new automated CNC turning machines, our machine park is one of the richest in the region. No matter the diameter, material, shape or precision of the part, we always find a way to stand out. If you are a polymechanic, a bar turner or if you simply want to immerse yourself in the world of bar turning, join us!

Orthopedic surgery

Part of MPS' operations is dedicated to the development of devices for orthopedic surgery and traumatology. These include reamers and reamer handles for hip surgery, a knee replacement extraction kit and various surgical accessories. Far from miniature ball bearings, this is the field for you if you want to be involved in the development, production and sale of products that directly improve the quality of life for millions of patients.

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