Components of the hydraulic pump of an artificial heart

Heart pump

MPS Microsystems is working in partnership with a customer to produce hydraulic components intended to actuate the pump of an artificial heart. By selecting appropriate materials, using perfect surface finishes and complex micron-corrected geometry, this motor pump is able to reproduce the natural heart beat; the pulsatile flow created makes it possible to achieve 230 million cycles over 5 years.

Part of the assembly of components is carried out by matching and shrinking for perfect control of dimensional constraints. Glued joints (PEEK/aluminium and PEEK/steel) for this heart pump are made on plasma-prepared surfaces, guaranteeing repeatability.


  • Grinding of carbon PEEK with Ra < 0.2
  • Matching and shrinking of assemblies with control of dimensional constraints
  • Extremely high surface finish Ra and Rsk requirements
  • Geometric tolerance < 5 µm
  • Repeatability of PEEK-aluminium and PEEK-steel glued joints guaranteed by using plasma-surfacing techniques
  • Turning, 5-axis milling, wire erosion, honing, polishing and etching complete the MPS expertise needed to produce the pump components

Artificial heart


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