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Miniature high performance control actuation system

Control Actuation System (CAS)

This Control Actuation System (CAS) is a guidance system for unmanned flying objects. It consists of three MPS fin actuators that each independently position an aerodynamic fin. The maximum angle of incidence is ±8°, which allows the device to carry out highly precise dynamic manoeuvres. 

The miniature fin actuators that make up this Control Actuation System are manufactured by MPS Microsystems and were designed based on customer specifications. Designed to guide a very small object and disposing of an extremely limited space, these fin actuators meet strict requirements in terms of performance, weight - less than 100 g - and dimensions. To reduce the length of this actuator, MPS Microsystems used part of the screw length as the motor axis. This screw is equipped with a very compact 4-point contact bearing that simultaneously absorbs axial and radial loads. The angular play on the aileron axis is less than 0.1° rms. This actuator meets the storage and vibration requirements of military equipment.

Patent pending : US20220034390



    Weight: 650 g
    Angular backlash on the fin axis: < ±8°
    Motor drive: 3 Faulhaber brushless motors, 20 mm diameter, type BX4, glueless
    1 ball screw per motor: diameter 4.25 mm with axial play < 5 µm
  • 1 oil-free 4 points of contact bearing with ceramic balls per motor


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Control Actuation System (CAS)
Control Actuation System (CAS)
Control Actuation System (CAS)
Control Actuation System (CAS)

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