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Create your custom bearing in just a few clicks!

BCube, the first watch component configurator, has been specially designed to enable watchmakers to develop customized watch bearings in just a few clicks. Configure your own component by entering all parameters, download a 3D model and request a quotation directly from BCube! 

Click here to request access. BCube is only available in French at the moment.


Main features

Design a bearing from A to Z

Define the technical characteristics of your new bearing in the “Architecture”, “Overall dimensions”, “Toothing” and “Functional characteristics” categories. Finally, choose the decoration your bearing will bear.

Check data progress and coherence

Monitor the progress of your construction using the progress bars below the titles. In addition, our automatic and instantaneous data verification guarantees the consistency of the values you have entered.

3D view and .step file download

Once you've entered all the essential parameters, you can visualize your construction using a dynamic 3D model! Download a STEP file of your bearing and submit a request for quotation directly on BCube.

Endless possibilities

BCube lets you configure all the essential parameters and dimensions of the bearing to suit your needs. At the end of the creation process, the configured component is ready to be integrated into your design.

Unlike other configuration tools, where you simply choose from existing solutions, BCube creates your bearing in real time, based on the values you enter and the parameters you select. The result is a fully customized bearing that matches your specifications.  

A pledge of quality

MPS Watch products are renowned for their reliability, quality and robustness. These characteristics are the result of outstanding attention to detail, a state-of-the-art infrastructure and an innovative, creative team.

Bearings configured on BCube meet the same high standards of quality, precision and robustness as all other MPS Watch products. They are manufactured in the same way and subjected to the same tests as all our other components.

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