Contract manufacturing, machining and assembly services for micro-technology components for demanding markets, with focus on innovation, quality, reducing costs and meeting deadlines

Contract manufacturing

Our main motivation is to satisfy our customers' requests, as demanding as they may be, to ensure their commercial success. We focus on quality, reducing costs and meeting deadlines. We strive to push back technological boundaries by continually improving our manufacturing processes. We continually maintain and develop our unique capability in manufacturing, machining and assembling. Fruit of Swiss micro-technology tradition, our expertise is the pride of the specialists who work in our departments.

Our strengths

  • Precision of execution, trusting relationship, reliability
  • Proven experience, skilled and motivated team

MPS Precimed, the choice of a reliable and competent partner

With more than 30 years' experience in the fields of orthopaedic surgery and traumatology, MPS Precimed has recognised qualities and proven expertise in the production, assembly and control of surgical instruments. We develop and produce our own instruments and also make instruments at the request of our customer. Our highly qualified teams are able to help you industrialise your products.

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