OneWay – Construction bases


You have selected the construction type you need: the OneWay bearing. The table below shows the minimum possible dimensions around the raceway. From this base, you design a bearing adapted to the special features of your construction. Select the reference before moving on to the next step: choice of decoration.

Design and development process for your custom bearing

Referencepitch Øball Ø Ø maxext. Ø minwidth min
30 - 2702.70.361.63.40.55PDFSTEPDXF
40 - 3503.50.4624.40.65PDFSTEPDXF
30 - 40040.362.54.70.7PDFSTEPDXF
40 - 4104.10.493.15.30.8PDFSTEPDXF
30 - 5205.20.363.75.90.7PDFSTEPDXF
30 - 7407.40.3668.120.65PDFSTEPDXF

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