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Tubular optical system for eye laser surgery

Eye laser surgery

A remarkably effective invasive treatment requiring fine and precise incisions, vision correction surgery is an area where the laser is a clever replacement for metal blades in many crucial stages of the medical procedure. Thanks to frictionless precision mechanics ensuring optimal coaxial movements and optimized shaping optics, the light energy remains perfectly focused on the precise locations required by the operation, thus ensuring optimal treatment quality and recovery.

Main features

Stroke (per lens):7.5 mm
Unidirectional repeatability:± 5 µm
Lateral repeatability (per lens):± 1 µm
Angular repeatability (per lens):± 0.1 mrad
Dimensions: 78 x 42 x 42 mm



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Optical system for eye laser surgery
Optical system for eye laser surgery
Optical system for eye laser surgery
Optical system for eye laser surgery
Optical system for eye laser surgery
Optical system for eye laser surgery

Our systems, adapted to your environment

MPS Microsystems' optical platforms bring together several technologies that we have mastered for decades. Thanks to this expertise, we are able to adapt our systems to the various applications for which they will be used. Our platforms are modular in their dimensions, type of motor, length and diameter of the ball screws, number of lenses and many other characteristics. Whatever your requirements and constraints are, MPS will take them into account. Thus, we are certain to be able to offer you a system perfectly adapted to your environment. Contact our engineers today to start your project.

Coaxial lens actuator for laser eye surgery

Coaxial lens actuator

The coaxial lens actuator by MPS is perfectly adapted to the development of eye surgery lasers. This very compact optical system with an original design allows the movement of lenses in a perfectly coaxial way over several millimeters. The coaxiality of the lens holders is guaranteed by a common bore machined in a single operation. Numerous dimensional modifications allow an exact adaptation to the optical design of its application. Due to the use of perfectly fitting ball cages, the low-friction translation mechanism of the coaxial lens actuator allows for intensive use and offers an unmatched lifespan without special maintenance.

Our products in optics and photonics

Maximum performance in a compact, precise, zero-backlash and frictionless product. Discover our hich-tech products in the field of optics and photonics.

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