MPS is committed to the future and technological development. It is driven by the spirit of innovation and the quest for excellence, which are the two driving forces behind the company's policy and the orientations given to it

Innovation, development & skills

MPS has always been driven by the spirit of innovation and technology optimization. Since the creation of MPS Micro Precision Systems AG in 2003 by the FAULHABER Group, the company has focused on technology development and stands out by its ability to undertake and design innovative solutions.

We have submitted numerous patents in various fields. They are filed by MPS or by our customers according to mutual agreements. We always ensure our developments are protected to maintain the sustainability of our customers' markets.

Our innovation cell

In 2016, MPS Microsystems created an innovation cell whose mission is to expand the range of products offered to its customers and offer them innovative solutions. The objective is to guarantee them a long-term advantage over their competitors. The first product platform from the innovation cell was launched in 2018.

Historical skills in demanding fields

MPS stands out not only by its skills in high precision turning, grinding and micro-assembly, but also by its ability to design dynamic, miniaturised and robust systems that combine backlash-free operation and minimal friction. Its activities in the field of turning go back to 1929 with the creation of Marcel Frey SA. In micromechanics, it relies on more than 80 years' experience since RMB was founded in 1936. In traumatology and orthopaedics, its capabilities date from 1988, the year Precimed was launched as a start-up.

Custom installations

MPS relies on three sites equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Built respectively at Bienne in 2008, Bonfol in 2013 and Court in 2015, these factories were designed to meet our needs and satisfy our values: quality, innovation, miniaturisation, precision and customer focus.

Our extensive metal cutting and grinding machinery enables us to offer large production capacities. Our "metrology" department controls and ensures the conformity of the tools and measuring instruments in order to meet the specified requirements.

Our prototyping workshop guarantees the production and modification of prototypes in a very short time. It is equipped with recent machines and includes lathes, milling machines, wire and sinking EDM machines and grinding machines.

Our laboratory allows us to verify and validate our products during the various development phases. We have the ability to realise the vast majority of the specific equipment we need for the manufacture and qualification of our products.

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